DignityWrap™ is an end of life chin support used to maintain dignity after death by securing a closed mouth for a deceased person. This compassionate gesture promotes comforting final memories for the family. Choose DignityWrap™ and give The Gift of Dignity™.

  • DignityWrap™ maintains a patient's dignity with compassion after death by securing a closed mouth. 

  • SoffStretch expandable soft fabric conforms to the chin and sides of face

  • SmartStitch design allows one elastic band to perform as two bands, securing the chin strap to the face

  • Universal size utilizing SecureTab hook and loop tabs

  • Convenient individual packaging

  • Will soon be available in Beige


  • Item #: 17755

  • Packaging: 25 individual bags/box, 2 boxes/case

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1. Place DignityWrap™ on as soon as possible after death.

2. Place SoffStretch material under chin, curved edge forward, holding both straps, fuzzy sides up with DignityWrap™ label on the left side. Pull straps over the head, gently lifting and supporting the chin.
3. Position top strap with DignityWrap™ label over the crown and the other strap around the back.
4. Adjust to fit, using the SecureTabs; lift, advance and adhere to strap, securing a closed mouth.
5. Re-adjust chin position, if needed, for ideal fit.
6. Remove after 2-3 hours; mouth remains closed.

U.S. Patent No. D685,915 and Patent Pending